Our story

Our story starts in the high Tibetan plateau where sheeps are being led by nomadic shepherds.
In the harsh climate at this altitude, the sheeps grow one of the best wool quality that will give softness and shine to the pillows:
The wool is then spun by hand in Nepal, the manual process allows an unique texture on the final product.
Finally the weaving process starts in Kathmandu using the traditional and ancestral Tibetan carpet knot technique.

Rugs are the most exported product from Nepal. The country specialised in custom made carpets, but as it increased the profit it also increased the quantity of leftover yarns from the production. Since each colour is dyed in a specific quantity for a design, there’s always a small quantity of yarns remaining. All the importers are specifically asking the producer not to reuse these leftover yarns, since it’s not possible to rematch the exact same colours due to manual dyeing process.

Since it’s not possible for the workshop to reuse these yarns to make full carpets, our solution is to reuse them to make smaller items such as cushions.
Then we selected to produce our cushions the workshops with the best craftmanship skills but also caring about the well being of their artisans.

We now provide a new dimension to the traditional tibetan rugs and invite it in a new form in the interior design.