Slow production

Behind each cushion there are people not machines

Slow hand process

Even though we save the spinning and dyeing time by using upcycled yarn, the making process is still very long.
To produce the rug side of the pillow which is only 40cm x 40cm, it represents 10 days of work and involves 7 different persons directly working on the cushion.
The back side made from nettle, is also a very long process from the harvesting to the crochetting it involves X persons.
Every artisan plays a crucial role in the making of the cushion, and it’s only through repetition that they master the knowledge to deliver you a beautiful piece of art.

Unique product

Since we’re using only leftover yarns that are available in a very small quantity.
Each design can be made in a very limited amount in a given coloration, which makes each cushion truly unique.
Behind each cushion there are persons and not machine, every artisan involved will leave is unique mark on the cushions.

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